Take the new year challenge!

Sempervivum from Mrs. C’s garden

Many of you don’t seem to be particularly challenged with our PowerPoint exercises so far. I do agree this is the one program in MS Office that most students really do have a handle on.  So….I thought we might ring in the New Year with a PowerPoint challenge! (for extra credit, of course)

The Challenge- part 1:

Create a PowerPoint presentation – subject – Public Service Announcement of your choice/ but pre-approved by me- (ex. stop smoking, prevent cruelty to animals, don’t drink & drive etc.) with predetermined timings that will run automatically/ continuously without your intervention. It should have some sound/music mix  to capture the viewer’s attention. That’s it- the challenge is to figure this out on your own…..

The Challenge- part 2:

If part 1 was still way too easy for you, step it up by creating a narrative of your message- yes this means recording your voice- and adding it to your timed presentation. Be sure to get the synchronization just right….

The Challenge- part 3:

Still too easy-peasy? Now convert this to a video, using any method of your choice and add to your blog……. consider yourself officially challenged for 2015!!!!!!!


Mrs. C

Time to get personal!

Back in September, I asked everyone to share what you might want to blog about. Maybe friends, family, sports, music. Whatever interests you!

So for today’s blog exercise – 

  • I’d like you to do some searching for interesting information on the topic of your choice. Then,
  • Create 3 separate blog posts on your topic. All your post should be appropriate, refer to a different web article  & include a link to the original source.
  • At least 1 ( of the 3) posts must include a picture with a caption that correctly credits the source.

If you have started this process already GREAT! Share more!

Next we will discuss how to categorize your posts so that they are all sorted on a single page in your blog- But don’t worry about that for now- just share what you like with your classmates!

Remember if you haven’t finished up with yesterday’s post……. and your reflection post is in ‘draft’ then you need to finish your wordle , insert  your pic and be sure to add a link to your favorite blog! If you don’t see it on your blog- check your posts, maybe you missed a step…..

Happy Blogging!

Mrs. C

Reflection Post- let’s do more!

In Class we all created a post that praised another classmate’s blog. Then I asked everyone to summarized that  post in 1 word. Following is a list of all your 1 word answers :

Different unique colorful simple jolly extravagant organized dope fantastic organized classic marvelous amazing interesting thoughtful different dope colorful interesting striking captivating unique cool casual Entertaining informational community compelling inspirational skill creative entertaining organized amazing effort great sophisticated difficult NerdGirl different artsy exciting difficult Funny unique

Today’s challenge is :

Create a word cloud of the words listed above…..Your word is in there somewhere. That word  – the one that represents your post/reflection/thoughts should be the most prominent word  for your individual word cloud. Word clouds are really cool, I made one with blogging words and it’s post on this site  in the right sidebar – Scroll down ↓ to see it 🙂

There are lots of websites that you can use to create your cloud. Here are just a couple:

WORDLE- – http://www.wordle.net/  try it you may have trouble with java but this one allows for the most customization, I can help with Java-just takes tweaking

WORDITOUT- http://worditout.com/ – less color options but it works

OTHERS: – I have not tried


 Once you have created your word cloud- use the snipping tool to capture a picture of it and add it to your post!

But , but…. but……..yeah- yeah……I’ll show you!!!!!!!! We’ll do this as a class or if you can handle it on your own- GO FOR IT!

and feel free to help your neighbor.


Mrs. C



Customize your Menu

In the setup of your blogs, you were asked to add an ABOUT page. Some themes automatically add this new page to your main menu….Some themes do not. In order for your viewers and followers to see this page, you may have to manually add the page link  to the menu.

On Blogging with Mrs. C. the menu is at the top as illustrated here:


As you can see I also have a Computer Literacy “tab”, this was added using categories which is kinda cool…and we will learn how to do that next quarter!

To add your ABOUT page to your menu, go to Appearance>Menus from you dashboard:


You will see :


Check your ABOUT page, then Add to Menu

Be sure to SAVE MENU before you exit. That should do it!


View you blog to be sure you were successful!

Additional instruction on customizing menus can be found in Edublog Help.

….as always, HAPPY BLOGGING!

Mrs. C.


a bit of brainstorming…..

Today’s post is about having fun with a new online tool I discovered. Popplet is a cool way to get your ideas down ” on paper”. In class, we began to throw ideas around about  the many aspects of digital  citizenship. Now it’s your turn to try it. Using the Popplet mindmapping tool, brainstorm the potential pros & cons of your specific digital citizenship  topic. 

Your task:

Review the video on how to use poplet below, then either in class or on your own try it yourself. Remember to run your topic  ideas by me , for approval, before you get started.

This is one project where you  can use the Onedrive to share your work with me ( or a classmate) for feedback.

You will find a link to Popplet here and on our edline class page. Submit your final mindmap by posting a link to it in a comment on this post.

As far as a grade for this asignment…well this one is optional…but it can be a great idea builder to help you develop a great paper or series of blog posts. And… because it could be a lot of work…I will consider your mind map for an extra credit grade. See Me if you need the boost. And P.S. Don’t forget to have fun! 


Commenting: the good & the bad

Did your mom ever say to you ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” ? Well mine did…ALL the time!

There are definitely good & not-so-good ways to comment on a blog post. Following are 5 quick tips to keep in mind when commenting:

  1. Keep it positive and compliment the author. Do it in a specific way by referring back to the one or two thoughts that really had an impact on you.
  2. Be sure to keep it short and make a point. No rants or rambling!
  3. Make your comment meaningful by adding your thoughts on the subject. Just saying ” I agree” or “good job” adds no value to the conversation. You will make a more meaningful contribution if you explain WHY you agree or disagree with the post.
  4. Know what you’re talking about. There is no better way to turn off your audience and undermine your authority then by admitting you don’t know what you are talking about. Do your homework, use other sources to find out more, if necessary, and add content with your comment.
  5. Proofread! A lot of typos and misspellings is just another way to undermine your authority, and then – well, nobody’s gonna care what you have to say.

Here’s what a couple of young bloggers had to say about good commenting skills.

Thanks Mrs. Yollis’ class  for sharing How to Compose a Quality Comment! from yourwonderfulteacher on Vimeo.

Your Task:

Using the quicktips above, Post at least 3 positive comments on your classmate’s blogs. Each of these comments should add or contribute something meaningful to the post.

Happy Commenting!

Mrs. C


Explore your blog

Once you have completed your first class assignment…

Get curious about your blog!


Poke around the dashboard , explore themes and perhaps some instruction on getting started.

When you sign you will automatically be brought to our class page “Blogging with Ms. C”. Once you login to Edublogs- use the username given in class and your password-

Be sure to go the dashboard of YOUR blog for set up and posting.



Steps #1&2 

Set up your blog by choosing a theme and then add an About page and tell us ( your class) a little bit about you! Just share what you are comfortable with sharing and/or  talking about.


Step #3

Your first official blog post is just a brief reflection of what you have learned in class so far. This is listed  on you assignment schedule at the end of  WORD Chapter 1.

After you’ve complete steps 1,2 and 3 above……

Feel free to Visit other classmates pages- say hello in a comment or reflect(comment) on the blog articles others have shared. Just get to know one another a bit!


The first class assignment

Testing a new font

I think everyone knows what a font is ;  it’s the style of your text on the screen or page. It’s fun to play around with different fonts and find the one that you like best. Believe it or not , this usually says something about your personality and can often help to convey your message to the reader.

Jason CranfordTeague shares some great advice for educators and bloggers alike in his “Design101 … 5 Simple Typography Tips” from edutopia.org.

Feeling inspired, I decided to play around with fonts in the visual editor on our blog. We have lots to choose from in MSWord, here on our blog and tons more can be downloaded online. I also played with color :p…..

But don’t get too carried away.  You’ve got to be careful. If your font is too small or “too out there” it can be difficult to read and cause your reader to go elsewhere, then – well – your message is lost!

The first assignment:

This week in class we all took a look at our class blog and you were able to view the what is a blog video. If you had any questions, hopefully we covered it in class. Your task for homework: Post TWO comments– as outlined below.

  1. Comment on the previous post, (the one with the video, follow the link) Explain what you learned in class about blogs, blogging,or general overall thoughts on the subject.
  2. Search the internet and find at least 1 article about blogs, blogging, writing posts &/or commenting on posts. 
  3. Summarize the article in a comment on this post. Please include the link( url) to the article in your comment. (If it’s really great we can share it with the class!) To hyperlink your Article, in a comment – you will need to use a little HTML to accomplish it. it is lots easier to link in a post- but for now we get to do it the hard way. It’s not really……first step is to copy the URL of your article, then paste it into the comment section. Next write your comment and when your done  create the link to the article by adding  an HTML tag as indicated in the illustration below. 

Capturehtmllink in comment

Pay close attention to this illustration! It’s code so if you mess up just one little thing…it won’t work!

AND ( most importantly) Have fun! oh- and feel free to play around with the font , you know – just to find your voice…..if you’d like!

Welcome to blogging!

Many of you are probably New to blogging, so I will share a quick video that explains what this recent web trend is all about. What is a blog?

So even if you are not so new at this and know how ( & why) to blog, as part of this class we are going to learn some of the ins & outs of blogging; the hows, the whys and the what fors. It will be a learning process that I hope will strengthen your tech skills, your writing skills and your overall communication skills both in and outside Continue reading Welcome to blogging!