Communication is Key!

For the last week or so we have been examining how communication, successful communication, plays a vital role in marketing. Successful communication  and connection is actually a vital component in all aspects of our lives.  Your latest assignment was to create an infographic to share the basic communication model. I have included mine below: Your next […]

Show & Tell ?

If the truth be told…… I have about as much experience as you do, probably less, with these video tools, so let’s learn together! What does your first video look and sound like? What did you find was the most difficult obstacle to overcome? 😀 Mrs. C

Explore more Media…Let’s talk Video

Everyone loves Youtube! Adding pictures and graphics to your post is just one way to make your content more interesting and capture the reader’s attention. Let’s take it one step further and also add Video to our posts! There is no denying that today’s consumers are visual beings. Over the last few years, the popularity […]

Let the challenge begin!

March 4, 2018 marks the start of the Student Blogging Challenge at with the collaborative efforts of Sue Wyatt, Sue Waters and Ronnie Burt.  To find out more visit the official challenge site at about/challenge-faqs/ Starting this week,  ALL Mrs. C,s Marketing 2 students will participate in this challenge, and over the next 10 weeks, complete  a weekly challenge […]

Images for blogs and mods

Bing, Google, Yahoo, are common search engines we use every day. But whether  you are posting materials on the web or distributing flyers for an upcoming event, when you create and share to an authentic audience, you really need to consider copyright laws.  Creative Commons is a licensing body that has attempted to bridge […]

Images & Copyright

Let’s talk IMAGES: A really great photo can catch the reader’s attention and draw them into your composition or post. But unless you are a really great photographer, that perfect shot may be hard to find. Luckily, we have the web and modern technology that does most of the hard work for us.   There […]

Customize your Menu

In the setup of your blogs, you were asked to add an ABOUT page. Some themes automatically add this new page to your main menu….Some themes do not. In order for your viewers and followers to see this page, you may have to manually add the page link  to the menu. On our class blog, Mrs. […]

Get Curious!

Time to set up your own blog and start blogging! Once you login to Edublogs- using the username and password given in class- you will automatically be brought to our class page “Mrs. C’s Class Connection.” Be sure to go the dashboard of YOUR blog for set up and posting.   Poke around the dashboard , explore themes […]