The first class assignment

Testing a new font

I think everyone knows what a font is ;  it’s the style of your text on the screen or page. It’s fun to play around with different fonts and find the one that you like best. Believe it or not , this usually says something about your personality and can often help to convey your message to the reader.

Jason CranfordTeague shares some great advice for educators and bloggers alike in his “Design101 … 5 Simple Typography Tips” from

Feeling inspired, I decided to play around with fonts in the visual editor on our blog. We have lots to choose from in MSWord, here on our blog and tons more can be downloaded online. I also played with color :p…..

But don’t get too carried away.  You’ve got to be careful. If your font is too small or “too out there” it can be difficult to read and cause your reader to go elsewhere, then – well – your message is lost!

The first assignment:

This week in class we all took a look at our class blog and you were able to view the what is a blog video. If you had any questions, hopefully we covered it in class. Your task for homework: Post TWO comments– as outlined below.

  1. Comment on the previous post, (the one with the video, follow the link) Explain what you learned in class about blogs, blogging,or general overall thoughts on the subject.
  2. Search the internet and find at least 1 article about blogs, blogging, writing posts &/or commenting on posts. 
  3. Summarize the article in a comment on this post. Please include the link( url) to the article in your comment. (If it’s really great we can share it with the class!) To hyperlink your Article, in a comment – you will need to use a little HTML to accomplish it. it is lots easier to link in a post- but for now we get to do it the hard way. It’s not really……first step is to copy the URL of your article, then paste it into the comment section. Next write your comment and when your done  create the link to the article by adding  an HTML tag as indicated in the illustration below. 

Capturehtmllink in comment

Pay close attention to this illustration! It’s code so if you mess up just one little thing…it won’t work!

AND ( most importantly) Have fun! oh- and feel free to play around with the font , you know – just to find your voice…..if you’d like!

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  1. This blog gives you tips on how to make your blog more interesting for your reader. The Culture Professionals Network also explains how to keep your blog successful, and develop based off of your audience and heir interactions.

    1. Thanks Tyler,
      This is a great article! I may actually use it as a resource in business when we get to marketing. A couple of acronyms that may need clarification for some readers are: CTA- which stands for Call To Action and SEO- which is Search Engine Optimization. Now that I think about it, I am definitely using this article in Entrepreneurship when we develop a business plan. Great job! 🙂
      Mrs. C

  2. This article

    This article talked about what blogging is and why people blog. It said that in your blogs you can vent and talk about your opinions and if you want to get noticed you have to get attention from these opinions. It also said to make sure your posts make sense and you’ve thoroughly researched the topic and understand what you’re talking about.

  3. The Culture Professionals Network, is a blog that helps you find out ways to improve your blog and make it more interesting for the readers.

  4. the article I found explained how blogs can be an essential part of a business. they can help a business owner with customer relationships. they can also help with popularity. blogs make it so everyone can see what your posting therefore enhancing the popularity and knowledge of your business.

    1. Great tips for the business owner! No doubt, Blogs are a powerful marketing tool. How can they be used by the everyday person? What are the advantages?

  5. In class we watched a video about blogs and learned what they are and why they are used. From what I have gathered, blogs are a place for people to share their knowledge and/or opinions. They are a place where people can create their own online identity. Blogs are used for many reasons. They are a good form of communication and are sometimes just a fun thing to do.

  6. G’day New Bloggers and Mrs Cunningham,

    I noticed no-one mentioned this great website which explains lots of things about blogging.

    PS This is really me just advertising the Student Blogging Challenge.

    I teach students blogging using an online classroom, so most of my information has to be on a blog for the lessons. Here is the blog I use. Check out the Getting Started page first.

    Let’s hope my HTML links worked correctly.

    1. Hey Miss W.
      What did you use to make your cute Avatar? Bet some of my guys would like to try it…is there a good freebe you could share?

      1. G’day Mrs C and students,
        If you click on my link for this great website, it will take you to the blogging challenge. One of the activities for week 1 is creating your avatar. I give lots of choices of websites, you just have to click on my avatar example you like and it will take you to that website.

  7. The piece I read discussed the basic of blogs and blogging, sort of like the video in word form. There wasn’t a lot of reading and it was pretty straightforward, but I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know from having my own blog. This is a good article for those looking for an introduction to blogging.
    Here’s the Link


    the blog I read was about how bloggers tend to write their articles in massive, long paragraphs. It teaches you how to write in a short few sentences, without making the reader feel overwhelmed. This is also a way to get the reader to read it, because with long paragraphs, the reader feels overwhelmed, right? but with short, small sentences, it allows to reader to actually read it instead of skimming through it.

  9. This article explains what a blog is, how they are used in various ways, and how to use a blog and interact with readers. It gives great detail on the different aspects of blogging and different ways someone could exchange thoughts with their readers through comments and feedback. The article also gives extensive information on different things bloggers need to know such as archives, feed, and syndication.
    Check Out The Edublogger

  10. The article I used

    Blogs have been used in classrooms lately. They give teachers an opportunity to get to understand students individually, they give students chances to debate and look at different perspectives, and they also improve the writing and communication of students.

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