Reflection Post- let’s do more!

In Class we all created a post that praised another classmate’s blog. Then I asked everyone to summarized that  post in 1 word. Following is a list of all your 1 word answers :

Different unique colorful simple jolly extravagant organized dope fantastic organized classic marvelous amazing interesting thoughtful different dope colorful interesting striking captivating unique cool casual Entertaining informational community compelling inspirational skill creative entertaining organized amazing effort great sophisticated difficult NerdGirl different artsy exciting difficult Funny unique

Today’s challenge is :

Create a word cloud of the words listed above…..Your word is in there somewhere. That word  – the one that represents your post/reflection/thoughts should be the most prominent word  for your individual word cloud. Word clouds are really cool, I made one with blogging words and it’s post on this site  in the right sidebar – Scroll down ↓ to see it 🙂

There are lots of websites that you can use to create your cloud. Here are just a couple:

WORDLE- –  try it you may have trouble with java but this one allows for the most customization, I can help with Java-just takes tweaking

WORDITOUT- – less color options but it works

OTHERS: – I have not tried

 Once you have created your word cloud- use the snipping tool to capture a picture of it and add it to your post!

But , but…. but……..yeah- yeah……I’ll show you!!!!!!!! We’ll do this as a class or if you can handle it on your own- GO FOR IT!

and feel free to help your neighbor.


Mrs. C



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