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Many of you don’t seem to be particularly challenged with our PowerPoint exercises so far. I do agree this is the one program in MS Office that most students really do have a handle on.  So….I thought we might ring in the New Year with a PowerPoint challenge! (for extra credit, of course)

The Challenge- part 1:

Create a PowerPoint presentation – subject – Public Service Announcement of your choice/ but pre-approved by me- (ex. stop smoking, prevent cruelty to animals, don’t drink & drive etc.) with predetermined timings that will run automatically/ continuously without your intervention. It should have some sound/music mix  to capture the viewer’s attention. That’s it- the challenge is to figure this out on your own…..

The Challenge- part 2:

If part 1 was still way too easy for you, step it up by creating a narrative of your message- yes this means recording your voice- and adding it to your timed presentation. Be sure to get the synchronization just right….

The Challenge- part 3:

Still too easy-peasy? Now convert this to a video, using any method of your choice and add to your blog……. consider yourself officially challenged for 2015!!!!!!!


Mrs. C

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