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Explore your blog

Once you have completed your first class assignment…

Get curious about your blog!


Poke around the dashboard , explore themes and perhaps some instruction on getting started.

When you sign you will automatically be brought to our class page “Blogging with Ms. C”. Once you login to Edublogs- use the username given in class and your password-

Be sure to go the dashboard of YOUR blog for set up and posting.



Steps #1&2 

Set up your blog by choosing a theme and then add an About page and tell us ( your class) a little bit about you! Just share what you are comfortable with sharing and/or  talking about.


Step #3

Your first official blog post is just a brief reflection of what you have learned in class so far. This is listed  on you assignment schedule at the end of  WORD Chapter 1.

After you’ve complete steps 1,2 and 3 above……

Feel free to Visit other classmates pages- say hello in a comment or reflect(comment) on the blog articles others have shared. Just get to know one another a bit!