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a bit of brainstorming…..

Today’s post is about having fun with a new online tool I discovered. Popplet is a cool way to get your ideas down ” on paper”. In class, we began to throw ideas around about  the many aspects of digital  citizenship. Now it’s your turn to try it. Using the Popplet mindmapping tool, brainstorm the potential pros & cons of your specific digital citizenship  topic. 

Your task:

Review the video on how to use poplet below, then either in class or on your own try it yourself. Remember to run your topic  ideas by me , for approval, before you get started.

This is one project where you  can use the Onedrive to share your work with me ( or a classmate) for feedback.

You will find a link to Popplet here and on our edline class page. Submit your final mindmap by posting a link to it in a comment on this post.

As far as a grade for this asignment…well this one is optional…but it can be a great idea builder to help you develop a great paper or series of blog posts. And… because it could be a lot of work…I will consider your mind map for an extra credit grade. See Me if you need the boost. And P.S. Don’t forget to have fun!