Make attribution easier!

In week 3 of the STUBC , we learned that images from the web can be tricky, and contrary to popular belief, most are NOT free to use. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend the legalese of copywrite laws and creative commons licensing, and many times free images – CC0 – are just not getting the job done! In these cases using the Pixabay Plugin may be just the right tool.

Why do it the hard way, when technology does it for you?

On a blog, widgets and plugins can  add additional functionality to the basic functionality, much like add-ons in Google. These tools can remove steps in the process, along with making your (blog) life easier and possibly providing that WOW factor you are looking for.

rawpixel / Pixabay

I used the edublog quick guide for the Pixabay plugin to walk me through set up and then used it to easily add the properly attributed photo on the left.

So….Explore a little and give it a try, it really is that easy!

And…as always…have fun!

Mrs. C

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