Make attribution easier!

In week 3 of the STUBC , we learned that images from the web can be tricky, and contrary to popular belief, most are NOT free to use. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend the legalese of copywrite laws and creative commons licensing, and many times free images – CC0 – are just not getting […]

#STUBC Week 3!

Time to learn about using photos on your blog post! Review the challenge post and also my previous posts on Feb 2 and Feb 12  all about utilizing graphics appropriately! Have Fun! Mrs. C

Images & Copyright

Let’s talk IMAGES: A really great photo can catch the reader’s attention and draw them into your composition or post. But unless you are a really great photographer, that perfect shot may be hard to find. Luckily, we have the web and modern technology that does most of the hard work for us.   There […]

Images for blogs and mods

Bing, Google, Yahoo, are common search engines we use every day. But whether  you are posting materials on the web or distributing flyers for an upcoming event, when you create and share to an authentic audience, you really need to consider copyright laws.  Creative Commons is a licensing body that has attempted to bridge […]

Take a quick 3 question Survey

Check out the “competition” and tell me what you think… Browse the list of other student/class blogs, then take the survey to provide feedback. The link to the student challenge can be found in the right sidebar under Class Resources or here for class  blogs and here for student blogs. Loading…You can also leave a […]

Get Curious!

Time to set up your own blog and start blogging! Once you login to Edublogs- using the username and password given in class- you will automatically be brought to our class page “Mrs. C’s Class Connection.” Be sure to go the dashboard of YOUR blog for set up and posting.   Poke around the dashboard , explore themes […]