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This is an educational High School class blog. It will serve as a technology “test” for the students in Mrs. C’s  Marketing and other technology class(es).  We hope to use this platform to share what we learn this year with each other, our parents and teachers, improve our writing skills, and practice responsible digital citizenship.


But Why Blogging?

I utilized blogging as a classroom learning tool a number of years ago. I was all excited back then having read a great many articles on the subject of blogging and its use in education.  I was also  in the process of obtaining my online teaching certificate and created a professional education blog.  I will say that after the class was over , I found no pressing need to continue to communicate online using a blog medium. So yes a large portion of the info is older (2014). I couldn’t, however, bring myself to simply trash it! After all, it is  technology and I’m still a tech teacher and now I am finding myself revisiting this tool with new enthusiasm.

Technology: it’s safe to say , it’s here to stay. With so many social media platforms to choose from – from Facebook to Snapchat to Twitter –  every generation and profession seems to have it’s own specialized platform for communication. As a teacher we try to integrate technology as part of the overall learning experience. It is , after all, the method our young generation of learners prefers to to use , when absorbing information. It’s fast , it’s easy, and it’s convenient!

So, as a winter Professional Development project, I decided to resurrect my class blog as a means to entice my students to get more involved with their learning. I have given  it a fresh new look and am excited to see how a whole new group of students  will respond to using blogging to communicate  in and for class. Instead of fighting the masses to stop texting and put their phones away (which I will continue to do), I want to provide an alternative means to communicate; a professional tool to share information online.

Following is a list of the top 5 reasons (IMHO) for using blogging as a learning tool.

1. Engagement
2. Reflection leads to deeper learning
3. Authentic audience
4. Improved writing skills
5. Improved communication skills

I will be posting more information on each of these top 5 reasons as the semester progresses. I hope that you will agree the benefits are well worth the effort and join us.

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Thanks for learning  through blogging with us!

Mrs. C

If you are curious about me , and would like additional information you can find a brief bio on the About page at my professional blog here.

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